Samba do Brasil

"The tamborin and the racing Repinique drum excite stiff-legged Europeans during an initiation trip to discover the south American feeling of life. With his charm and his infectious habit the Brazilian Ivan Vasconcellos can even breathe soul into a rock. His "Sambistas" gleam from vitality and zest for life, their faces displaying a smile every bishop would smash his most beautiful church window for." (Sport Journal UNI-Zürich/ASVZ)

The samba, which, as taught by the qualified dancer and choreographer, is based on an alteration of basic dancing steps of different speed, creates a surge of feelings within the students. For it is not a version known from standard dances but the primordial Samba of the Samba schools and streets of Brasil - Rio and Salvador - with all its infectious joie de vivre and spontaneity...

Samba is one of the trade marks of Brasil. Drums and dancers convert life into a turbulent and seductive party.

  • Sense of rhythm and technique
  • Formations / choreographies
  • Samba from Rio & Salvador do Bahia
  • Singing / Samba songs
  • Illustrations about the history of carnival
  • Information on the cultural backgrounds

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