Candomblé - Dance & Music of the Deities

Foto Stefan Zweili, © Tanzbrasil

They are called Oxalá and Oxossi, Ogum and Omolu, Xango and Yansa. There is Nana, Oxum, Oxumaré and several more. They are "orixás", deities of african origin.

Under the pressure of the catholic church the african slaves in Brazil found a way to save their deities. They continued worshiping them in the form of catholic saints - this way Candomblé was formed.

Every »orixá« has his own rythm, his own music, his own dance. The influence to the brazilian culture is enormous and can be seen today in the contemporary dance and the popular music in Brazil.

»When I am giving a Candomblé workshop«, says the ethnologist lvan Vasconcellos da Silva, »than I start with teaching the cultural background. The knowledge of the storys and legends of the orixás is important to give the movements of the dance the right expression«.


  • Dances of the deities of the Candomblé
  • Stories & legends of the orixás
  • Cantigas/songs & rhythms of the deities
  • Part of the workshops will be used for getting acquainted with the backgrounds of Candomblé by comprehensive illustrations.

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