Brazil Ethno: Afro Brazilian Dance

Foto: F. Koch, © Tanzbrasil

Afrobrazilian Dances - pulsating, expressive elements, powerful motions mediate the origin, the earth-linked African roots of "Candomblé - dance of the deities".

Specially in the northeast of Brazil different styles of traditional dances are present like Afoxés, Maracatu, Baiao, Xaxado und Forró. They conglomerate finally to the pulsating rhythms of the Blocos Afros of Salvador da Bahia.

After the lecture part with informations about the cultural background the dance part starts. Ivan demonstrates steps and dance of the Afro Brazilian Dances and the Samba and familiarizes with the Brazilian way of life and national characteristics.

Ivan's teaching in a pedagogically mature methodology and with a high level of professionalism and sensitivity makes the workshop unforgettable.

  • Sense of Rhythm and Technique
  • Afoxé/Procession & Ritual
  • Maracatu, Baiao, Xaxado und Forró
  • Blocos Afros of Salvador da Bahia
  • Choreography
  • Illustrations about Afrobrazilian Dances
  • Infos on the Cultural Backgrounds

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